BREAST Reduction

Breast Reduction, or Reduction Mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the size of the breasts, lifts the breasts, raises and reshapes the nipple and areola.

Patients who benefit most from breast reduction surgery are women who have disproportionately large breasts, causing problems such as the back, shoulder, and neck pain, postural changes, bra-strap grooving, skin irritation and rashes under the breasts, and difficulty with activities of daily living and exercise.

Dr. ElKhoury dedicates time to understanding each patient's aesthetic expectations prior to surgery since each lady is unique just as her aesthetic goals are.

Why Breast Reduction?

Patients rely on this procedure to reshape & restore a bodily proportional breast, which boosts quality of life & self esteem.

All the while relieving the effects of weighty breasts & resolving painful & irritating physical symptoms including neck, shoulder & back pain.

Experience Above all

Dr. ElKhoury has performed over 2,000 breast enhancement surgeries over the years impacting positively the health & beauty of his patients.

He has helped many regain confidence in themselves with a breast reduction, to achieve a natural and proportional breast.

Quick Facts

Breast reduction was voted as one of the most life changing procedures to women.

Dr Roger ElKhoury

Dr. ELKHOURY is a renowned plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience delivering natural-looking cosmetic surgery, and has extensive specialization in facial plastic surgery, breast enhancement surgeries, body contouring procedures, as well as nonsurgical rejuvenation and injectables.

Dr. El Khoury is committed to redefining the possibilities and options available to his patients. His passion and devotion are dedicated to helping both women and men regain utmost self-confidence and maintain a youthful appearance at any age.

Dr Elkhoury’s state of the art private practice is located in Beirut, Lebanon. You can also find him operating in Kuwait at Al Safat American Medical Centre (click here for more info).

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