Breast Augmentation, also known as Mammoplasty or "Boob Job", refines the size and appearance of the breasts by making them larger, symmetrical, and proportionate to the rest of your body.

Countless women have relied on this procedure to improve their appearance and self esteem.

To get the most natural-looking result from breast augmentation, Dr. ElKhoury will help you select an implant size that is proportionate to the patient’s body. An appropriately-sized implant looks perfect on the body without appearing too large or small. Rather, it is just the right fit. It impeccably complements a woman’s silhouette, balancing her figure, and boosting her body confidence.

Why Breast Augmentation

Patients rely on this procedure to enhance small & uneven breasts, and further refine their ideal body shape & contour. It has helped many women boost self confidence.

Experience Above all

Dr. ElKhoury has performed over 2,000 breast enhancement surgeries over the years, and is considered as one of the special star procedures.

Quick Facts

Breast Augmentation is the 3rd most popular plastic surgery, and is considered as a very safe procedure if performed by an experienced surgeon.

Before & AFter

Dr Roger ElKhoury

Dr. ELKHOURY is a renowned plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience delivering natural-looking cosmetic surgery, and has extensive specialization in facial plastic surgery, breast enhancement surgeries, body contouring procedures, as well as nonsurgical rejuvenation and injectables.

Dr. El Khoury is committed to redefining the possibilities and options available to his patients. His passion and devotion are dedicated to helping both women and men regain utmost self-confidence and maintain a youthful appearance at any age.

Dr Elkhoury’s state of the art private practice is located in Beirut, Lebanon. You can also find him operating in Kuwait at Al Safat American Medical Centre (click here for more info).

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